12/19/2014; C1D3

I realize this is late. Yesterday was a decent day, but it did make me realize fatigue is very real. And, I have to take time in the day to rest!

I am setting my alarms around the clock to make sure I get my medicine as ordered. I currently have the Zofran ordered every 12 hours. For the first time, I took the extra nausea medicine, Compazine, yesterday. Then, I have my vitamins that go on an empty stomach each AM. I have the oral chemo pill to take at 9 AM and PM. And, I take Effexor at night as I continue to deal with the diagnosis and the changes in my body. Yet, I managed to sleep thru my alarms last night- missed my chemo pill and my Effexor as well as an over the counter, Balance.

My days are arranged around medications and food! I took my AM Lifestyle mix with real milk yesterday- trying to add more calories to my diet. The rest of the day was steamed potatoes several times. Jordan wanted fried chicken, brought it in the house, and almost made me sick- had to send him to his room to eat. So, I continue with stomach issues even with medication in my system. But, it is not the terrible situation I was prepared for after all my education.

Although I have faith in both my chemo doctor and my surgeon, I am realizing I must watch my scheduling very closely at the cancer center. I received a notification that I had new dates on my calendar for treatment. When I logged in yesterday AM, I was scheduled for 12/24, 12/31, and 01/07 just as discussed this past Wednesday. However, I only was scheduled for lab work and assessment by doctor plus talking to research for the first two dates- no chemo infusion! It was only noted for 01/07. I called the center and spoke with a very kind woman, Cindy, and explained my concern. She had same thing on her schedule as I had on mine. I then asked her to look at my orders as I am to have an infusion every week. She pulled orders and yes, indeed, another mistake made by scheduling. Between the two of us, we got it arranged. Yet, I cannot begin to imagine the turmoil a non nurse goes through.so much to stay on top of during treatment. I am thankful for my background and the fact I know the lingo to use. But, I have wondered the last 24 hours how the average street person gets through this. I know they do. Im just astounded at the mistakes made on my case already.this is my life, and I want treatment done as ordered.

So, dealing with the emotions of all that and going out for a haircut wore me out. Michelle, my hairstylist, was awesome. She says we should have gone short years ago! However, what is she suppose to say?

The picture as promised:

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