12/18/2014; C1D2

Well, I waited until the evening to post some sort of report. I was forewarned that today would be pretty yucky. But, I have to say it has not been near what was predicted. I had my alarm set to take my required anti nausea pill at 6 AM (when the dogs get up for food and bathroom duties). Had no clue it would take over five minutes for it to dissolve.it is sublingual meaning to be placed under the tongue and allowed to dissolve. Geez, glad it wasnt really needed! Still, got it down. However, Rhonda was kind enough to handle the dogs allowing me to remain in bed until my next alarm at 8 AM to take my next batch of drugs.

I routinely drink a protein shake combined with Boost, both products by LeVel, for my AM meal. It took my almost an hour to get it down this AM. Smells were playing with my stomach. And, although I did get a bit nauseated, I never actually needed the trashcan. Then, it was time for another pill. As the day progressed, I ate potatoes, something that I lean on when my tummy is upset. I have been instructed to eat high protein, high calorie foods but in small portions. Well, I got the small portions right today until night fall when I was ready for more than potatoes. I added chicken to the mix and really had regrets. But, it is all a learning experience. I will stick with potatoes and soup tomorrow.

Titles will go with my chemo calendar. I am in cycle one; it lasts for 21 days- today is day 2. Then, it is cycle 2 for 21 days. Then, cycle 3 for 21 days. And, finally cycle 4 for 21 days. The first day of each cycle is the day I get the extra medication at chemo. And, I remembered today that because it is only given every 22 days that my immune system will be at its lowest on days 10-14 during each cycle. So, I know I will be home during those days unless there is something truly required of me to do outside the house. With winter here, I dont want to risk more than necessary.

A piece of info I received yesterday is that I do not have the mutated gene. That simply means the breast cancer is not hereditary. Praise report on that.

I have had two really nice things occur today for this journey:

1. Rhonda McLin set up a GoFundMe account to help with my medical expenses. GoFundMe.com/KathiSchlinger

2. Paige Taff brought over lots of homemade soup packaged individually and frozen- love that woman and her family!

And, my son made it home from his dads. He will be with me until January 3, 2015, when he returns to ACU to continue his freshman year.

On a day where so much negative was anticipated, I have been blessed. I am thankful for those in my life who are walking this path with me. I appreciate you all.

Not a long report, but I am tired and really ready for bed. No nap today, and I have needed additional rest with all of this.

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