12/17/2014; Chemo Day 1, AKA C1D1 (Cycle 1, Day 1)

My chemo was to begin yesterday, 12/16/2014. But, I received a call from the center stating Dr. Young needed to move me to Wednesday. A typical chemo day looks like this:

1. Arrive at appointment time.

2. Go to chemo room for port access and lab to be drawn and take an oral medication/placebo.

3. Go to the doctor and be assessed.

4. Return to chemo room for treatment that consists of- A. 25 minutes of pre meds in attempt to keep side effects at bay- yeah, right!; B. 30 minutes of a saline flush to get the pre meds in my system; C. 60 minutes of chemo drug, Paclitaxel, followed by a 10-15 minute flush; and, today and every third treatment, I get a second chemo drug, Carboplatin, for 30 minutes followed by another 10-15 minute flush.

5. Meet with research nurse.

So, who wants to join me on chemo days? Day is packed with appointments. And, if someone is behind, it throws everything off. So, it is a full day just to get the chemo.

Heaven forbid my blood count is low, I have to waitcould be a day or a full week depending on the blood level noted in my CBC, complete blood count. Apparently, Neupogen, a white blood cell builder via injection, will be my friend for the next 12 weeks. For today, my blood count was better than Monday, December 1, 2014. It is truly amazing what 64+ oz of water each and every day does for the kidneys. My BUN and Creatinine levels are now normal. And, since one of the drugs taxes my kidneys, I had to get that count normal.

My biggest fear: the side effects. Emily, my chemo nurse, was compassionate yet up front that the nausea and vomiting is a given for the three days following the type of chemo I am receiving. It is expected so much so that the medication given, Zofran 8 MG, AM and PM on those three days PLUS a different one, Compazine 10 MG, for PRN, every eight hours. My common sense says the nausea/vomiting is a given with these directions! Then, I am to expect to lose my hair by week threeto bring in 2015! What a deal.

I will spare you the many issues I encountered today.first, my blood had to be drawn on two separate occasions because of miscommunication. Then, I was not on the chemo schedule for a chair today since my schedule was changed; they had me as a no show yesterday. And, the list goes on. Yes, my blood pressure was through the roof. But, in the end, the actual treatment was uneventfulso far, only an upset stomach which is probably attributed to nerves/anxiety instead of the treatment since they gave me an IV pre med for nausea that covers the first 24 hours- not allowed to take my oral medications for nausea until morning.

So, all in all, a productive day, and my trek has begun.

Friday is haircut day. Will post follow up pic.

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